Mauricio Pochettino reveals watching James Bond films

Mauricio Pochettino has revealed he learned to speak English by listening watching James Bond and listening to Adele.

After leaving Espanyol in 2012, the former Tottenham boss wanted to have English lessons at his home in Barcelona.

And Pochettino has revealed he watched the James Bond film, Skyfall, and listened to music by Adele to help him learn.

He told Sky Sports: “When we left Espanyol, I was thinking about learning English.

“I remember the teacher of my wife started to come to my home and we had one or two lessons.

“We would practise with Skyfall, the James Bond movie and Adele. I thought it was impossible for me to learn English at 40 years old.“

Before moving to England to take charge of Premier League club Southampton in 2013, Pochettino feared his lack of English would let him down.

He added: “When we received the offer, we were really, really thinking about that.

“I thought it’s impossible, how am I going to translate my ideas? What am I going to do in the first day in front of the players and my staff, in front of the media?

Pochettino went on to manage Tottenham and was beloved by Spurs fans
Pochettino went on to manage Tottenham and was beloved by Spurs fans

“It’ll be impossible for me to translate my emotions, my passion.

“I was talking with [my assistant] Jesus [Perez] and my wife, I went down to the toilet and when I came back, they said ‘you need to go, you’re going to be successful there. In England, it’s something special and you will love England and England will love you.’

“But I didn’t know one word in English. They said, ‘yes, we trust in you’. It was so scary.”

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